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Discover the boundless beauty and elegance of Kyoto in bloom.

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Be transformed to a treasured land of refreshing floral splendor women perfume, ancient romance and purity, captured so intricately by the gentle freshness of citrus notes that gracefully melt in to a beautiful floral heart of Lily of the Valley, sweetly fragrant Freesia, precious Jasmine and enticing Gardenia. A medley of warm base notes of silky Musk, exotic Patchouli and sweet Vanilla softly embraces with enduring freshness.

Misumi Kyoto Blossosms will be an important highlight for the outfit you wear at the company, appointments, parties… The sweet scent, elegance and long fragrance of Misumi Kyoto Blossosms will make you fascinated all day long. With the characteristic scent of Cherry blossoms, Kyoto Blososms is a symbol of youth with full of vitality and enthusiasm. This is definitely a luxurious, sophisticated and meaningful gift for women.