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This product do work and its very simple to use. Must tell you, when i first used it, the effect was not very visible. Probably the reason is, your hand cant hold enough quantity to color the hair. Trick is, you can use multiple iteration.

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  • About this item.
  • 5 In 1 Product ( Head, Moustache, Beard, Chest And Hand.
  • No Gloves , No Stain And Brush , No Bowl.
  • Pleasant Fragrance And Tear Free.
  • Amazing Results In 15 Minutes. 100% Grey Coverage.
  • Imported from INDIA.

Wet your hands thoroughly. Please ensure your hair is completely
dry without oil & dust. There are two different types of shampoos
present inside the container. Take the required amount of
shampoos present inside the container. Take the required quantity
of shampoo by pressing the nozzle over the wet hands and mix them
well. Apply the mixture on your hair uniformly and massage the
head thoroughly. Wash your hands within 3 minutes from the time
of contact using soap or hand wash. Wait for 15 minutes. Then
rinse your hair with adequate water.